We just love teaching the HypnoBirthing philosophy
and attending births, and our enthusiasm is definitely contagious!
Take a look and see what some of our clients have to say…



“Everyone at the hospital was amazed at my labor, and
thought I didn’t even look like I was in labor. They were surprised how calm
I was for a first timer…My water broke at 2 am. Felt contractions at 7 am.
Had the baby at 12:21pm. Everything went so fast! The harder part was the delivery
and I think I got sidetracked so I wasn’t able to breathe the baby out as much
as I would have liked. But I didn’t have an epidural which is what I was hoping
for. Thanks for the class! I hope all is well with you and glad to see you
are still having classes at Element!”

— K.

“As Chani told you, she had a baby girl; and as you can tell from the pictures she is a total gift from G-d; she is beautiful and perfect in every sense of the word.

Her/Our labor and delivery was unique and special from beginning to end; and if you like, you may not only use me as a reference; but as surprise guest lecturer at any one of your classes.

As you will learn from my letter, I am a true believer that this is what caused us to have our unique experience!

Despite the fact that I was a firm believer in hypno-birthing from the beginning, I did have my doubts as to whether or not it would work for us, and up until recently I told Chani that if at any time she changes her mind and wants to be totally drugged, she should go ahead and not feel like a loser. On the evening of Tuesday, September 15th, Chani notified me that she was having
pains, and they seemed consistent, but at long intervals. She also mentioned that she had pain during the pain, inconsistent, accompanied by diarrhea.  She made no mention of it during the way, and went about her business, did her
video editing, etc… was only on Tuesday evening that she noticed that she still had pain, the diarrhea had gone away, and that the pains were coming more and more regular. She took a bath, and I told her that if possible she should go to sleep, because perhaps this is the real thing, and that tomorrow she would need her strength.

The next morning at 7:30 a.m. Chani called me and said that she awoke with
pain at 6:00 a.m. and that they were consistent but about 15-20 minutes apart..

I joined her shortly thereafter to start using our hypno-birthing. My total
introductory technique involved a moment of meditative prayer, followed by
relax breathing, 4 in 8 out .Then head to toe body relaxing from eyelids down
to toes, with specific instructions for the lower pelvic region. We had practiced
several times and my voice alone seemed to work. Then we went on to visualization.

This took approximately half hour. During this time we had beautiful celtic
type of music, and the lights were dim.

I also massaged her legs and feet, as well as arms and hands.

When surges became stronger we breathed together..

“Breathe in Tranquility, breathe out tension

Breathe in Serentity , breathe out stress

Breathe in Peace, breathe out pain”

Those lines seemed to work very well. All this worked very well.

Perhaps TOO well. Suddenly, At 11:30 a.m. surges were 5 minutes apart. I reminded
her throughout to drink as well as empty her bladder.

Before noon, she went to the bathroom, and perhaps this movement, put her out
of hypnosis and relaxation long enough that I was able to see the intensity
of the surges and realized we better dash to the hospital!

We called the midwife who suggested we come to the office for an examination.

She casually took Chani to the examining room and spoke to her husband and
me and casually explained that this is a first baby and she is ten days early
and was most probably it is nothing and we shouldn’t be disappointed
if she sends us all home.

I was basically going to panic, KNOWING that we were truly far along and did
not think we were going to make it to the hospital!

A moment after examining Chani, she came running out and asked whether we were
here with a car!!!!!

We said yes.At that point she said Go, Just go, the
midwife will meet you there!!! At that point Chani was open 9!!!! We got
to the hospital, and she was open 10!!!!! We turned on our music. Roseanne
(midwife) dimmed the lights and told the nurses at the station to quiet down,
because we were having a “quiet
birth” And all she heard were all the nurses babbling………………

We did some breathing to get back into relax mode, went through body parts
from head to toe for quick relaxation.

Then went into birth breathing. As well as relaxing.

An hour after we got to the hospital, our little girl was born, and Chani looked
radiant, as you can see in the picture.. And right after the birth she said
it was from beginning to end a wonderful wonderful experience!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

— M.B. (proud Grandmother

“As a first time mother, I initially had lots of
fears and reservations about pregnancy and childbirth. I was pretty close to
terrified of the entire process. After doing a bunch of research, I decided
to give HypnoBirthing a shot, to benefit both my baby and myself. It was one
of the best decisions I ever made. The classes gave me the confidence I needed
in my body’s natural ability to do what it was designed to, and turned
my view of childbirth from a frightening one into a beautiful one.

My labor was mainly calm, and delivery was natural and beautiful. I’d
normally be the last person my family and friends would expect to attempt birthing
without painkillers, let alone actually go through it. But thanks to my HypnoBirthing
classes and Yael – the most amazing doula ever – I was able to
relax and allow my body to labor as it was meant to, and to naturally deliver
my beautiful baby girl.”

— D.B.

My Birth Story

I was planning on working until my due date, some coworkers thought I was crazy, others thought I should work up until when the baby comes.  For me, that ended up being the same day; my daughter, Temima Rachel, was born at 3:02pm April 26, 2010, on her due date.

The night before I didn’t know what to make for dinner, I wanted a change.  I settled on pancakes with strawberries and whip-cream; syrup if you wanted.  It was a rare time I got home before my husband and I wanted to have everything ready when he arrived.  I think the only thing left to be done when he came home was to set the table.  This put me in a great mood, I was ready for a fun night.  It was a Thursday, and I spent the remainder of the night cooking for Shabbat, I had a whole meal complete, with extra for freezing, by the time I went to bed.

Around 4am I woke up, which was usual since I always needed a mid-night bathroom run. But I couldn’t sleep well and realized then I was probably hungry-dinner was light.  So my husband went to get me the leftover pancake.  That only filled me a little, but I thought it was enough to return to sleep.  The next few hours were tossing and turning, trying to fall asleep, mostly being uncomfortable; still with pains that felt like hunger. By 7:30am I called my supervisor and said I didn’t sleep well that night, still no baby, but I didn’t think I could function at work, so I’m not coming in.

By then I moved to the living room and tried sleeping on the couch, lying all the way across, then on the recliner, I moved down to the floor, and tried another couch.  Nothing was making me feel comfortable.

My husband works from home on Fridays (it was a Friday) and he was watching me.  He said he was calling in sick since he couldn’t work with me not feeling well.  By 10am we called my doctor to ask her about my symptoms-it felt like bad cramps, all under the belly.  Those practice contractions were all above the belly with tightening, this felt totally new.  My OB thought maybe it was my cervix opening and I was feeling it; she wasn’t worried, just said to keep her posted if things change.  We started watching The Prince of Egypt to keep my mind off of it.

11am I was still uncomfortable.  I felt week and wanted to eat, but didn’t know what to have.  I sent my husband to buy powerade which I thought would give me more energy.  I started eating crackers.  While he was out, I called Yael Quittner, our hypnobirthing teacher and asked if she had any ideas to alleviate the discomfort. Yael said maybe the baby is lying on something that’s bothering me; I could try some stretches to try and push the baby to another place.  Those movements just kept me occupied, I was still in discomfort.

She also suggested doing a Hypnobirthing exercise-the lever to turn off the sensation where I felt distress. We tried it, and it helped at intervals, momentarily.  It was hard to focus on staying relaxed when I didn’t know what was happening and I was cramping.  When I was able to succeed, it definitely helped alleviate the symptoms.  The same is true for trying the Rainbow Relaxation.  I believe these helped me stay at home longer and pushed off calling the doctor again.

Noon time came and it was still the same.  By then I was drinking, peeing, lying down, and moving around.  I started to see pink and red streaks after I went to the bathroom, and by then thought I should call my OB again.  I must have realized subconsciously that I was in labor, but it wasn’t like what is described in books or those practice contractions.  There was no timing of surges or change in length or strength.  On this phone call to my OB she asked if my water broke, I responded, I have no idea, since there was no gush or flow.  I kept going to pee and couldn’t differentiate. With that description she said to come to the hospital and get checked since that was the only way to know. We said we would be there in half an hour.

We finished gathering our stuff and called a cab.  We were on our way.  When we got there, my husband and I looked at each other and said we may be turned back, don’t be surprised.  Well, we were in for a total different surprise.

We went up to the 10th floor-Labor and Delivery.  I went straight to the couch, my husband did the registration.  It felt like forever until they were ready to take us to triage.  We stopped on the way because I was uncomfortable-looking back now, it must have been a surge.  When I got to the room they asked me to pee in a cup-I wanted to drink and they wouldn’t let me since they needed to take my temperature. Needless to say, there was no urine sample. They finally took my temperature and then begrudgingly let me drink, saying the anesthesiologist wouldn’t be happy-they didn’t k now I wasn’t planning on the epidural. Although, at one point I looked at my husband and said, “I can’t do it, I think I need the epidural.”  That was short lived.

The doctor came to check me, and said, “you’re 7cm,” the baby is coming today.  We were off to a delivery room (which one was confusing since the room wasn’t ready yet).

As they were wheeling me I asked them to stop since I was having a surge-although I still just felt uncomfortable.  I waited for it to pass and tried to breathe through it-that always helped, staying relaxed and breathing.  Whenever I tightened up, that hurt much more.  It really is true-if you breathe with the surge, it’s not so bad.  When we got to the room I felt the baby and wanted to push-it was like having to go to the bathroom, constipation, and you just wanted to push to get the baby out.  The nurses said it was normal-I was feeling the baby’s head. The doctor came in, suited up, and we were ready to deliver the baby.

Temima’s heart rate dropped, so they had me move I various positions, which got the heart rate back up, but still not perfect. With lots of pushing, it must have gone down again, since the OB said I have to get the baby out now or we were doing an emergency c-section.  I did not want that-I started pushing.  The nurses had to tell me when to push since I had no idea when I was surging.  By then there was so much feeling in places I never felt before, I wasn’t sure what was happening, I just wanted to push and get my baby out.

I started with pushing and then realized I wanted to do the birth breathing- this OB and nursing staff did not know the language we used, and it through me off.  At that point I tried the birth breathing, but didn’t think it was working, especially with the doctor’s threat of an emergency c-section.  So I started pushing.  I wish I could have had the full Hypno-birthing experience, with the birth breathing, it seemed to work in practice, but it wasn’t conducive to my circumstance.  In a way I’m glad I had an OB with a strong personality to help me deliver Temima, I think it helped avoid the emergency c-section.  My OB was always very calm and soothing, and in a way, I’m not sure that would have been helpful if I needed to deliver Temima immediately (although she may not have said anything about a c-section).

In the end, Temima was born naturally and very quickly.  We were in the hospital about 2 hours when she was born.  I did most my laboring at home.  No one in our families knew. It was just how we wanted it-a time spent between my husband and me.  Everyone was so surprised (Columbia Presbyterian is a very medical facility), although since it was so swift, I’m not sure there would have been time for the epidural had I wanted it.  The nurse said they would have made sure I got it if I asked for it, but I’m not so sure, everything was so quick.

Afterwards I just wanted to stop shaking and rest a minute, but the OB insisted on stitching me up since I was bleeding, she obviously prevailed.  She was not happy that I didn’t have any anesthetic, and she had to wait for some pain medication so she could start her work-but I still think I felt what she was doing.  I was glad to have a natural birth.

Although I didn’t have normal surges, I firmly believe the Hypno-birthing made my delivery happen naturally.  I had in mind I wanted to stay calm and breath with each surge, so when I had cramping, I tried breathing and relaxing instead of curling up-which is my natural habit when I’m  in pain. My husband was terrific, talking me through and helping me remain loose and limp. He held the iPod to listen to The Comfort Zone and spoke gently, keeping me relaxed.  It was a team effort.

To this day I still listen to the Comfort Zone.  If I have time I will do the Rainbow relaxation.  These are definitely tools for life, and helped me remain loose and limp throughout the pregnancy and now through life.


Hi Yael,

My husband and I were in your November/December hypobirthing class in Carroll Gardens and now that our son has arrived, I thought I’d give you the report on how his birth went.  I was dilated 3 cm at 36 weeks, progressing to 5 cm by 39 weeks.  I did a lot of “opening flower” and “blue satin ribbon” visualizing while having Braxton-Hicks contractions, to which I attribute my early dilation.

I woke up at 7 am at 39 weeks, 5 days with regular contractions and realized I was in labor, but was quite comfortable until we got to the birth center at St. Luke’s at around 9 am, when I was checked and 8 cm dilated.  By 9:30 or 10, I was in a fair amount of pain, but it was totally manageable and requesting pain meds or other interventions never occurred to me.  I was fully dilated by 11 and started pushing–my baby was posterior and while I tried the j-breathing for awhile, I wasn’t making any progress and was getting frustrated.  Our baby, Graham, was born sunny-side up at 1 pm and weighed in at 7 lbs, 3oz!

Your class was infinitely helpful to both me and my husband.  I think the thing that helped me the most was listening to the affirmation CD, which I did daily, and the fear release in class–I’m not sure exactly when this change happened, but at some point, I lost all fear and anxiety related to the birth and sincerely was excited for and looked forward to it.  We are so happy that we were able to have the 100% natural experience we had hoped for.  Thank you!


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